Desert Colour

Exhibition  28 August -31 October

Its time for Alice Desert Festival in Alice Springs and the annual Desert Mob Exhibition and extravaganza.

To lead into the art feast Talapi will host our annual Desert Colour exhibition. This year we have fine works from Ernabella Arts, Mimili Maku, Ikuntji Artists, Iwantja Arts & Crafts, Hermannsburg Potters Tjala Arts, Tjungu Palya, and some beautiful works from Conway Ginger from Bindi Artists


Exhibition 26 June – 23 August

For the second year Talapi will curate artworks for the exhibition Bold and Beautiful. Young and emerging artists that express their ancestral stories in a more painterly manner like Helen Curtis, Linda Puna, Anyupa Stevens, Barbara Moore and Adrian Robertson are featured together. Included also are strong dynamic works from Tjunkaya Tapaya, Betty Kuntiwa Pumani and a Tjala collaborative.

2015 Telstra NATSIAA finalists include Anyupa Stevens, Barbara Moore, Betty Kuntiwa Pumani, Mick Wikilyiri, Murdie Morris, Ngupulya Pumani and Robert Fielding

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In the Wild

Exhibition 1 May  to 10 June 2015

In the wild, it’s big sky country with endless views of shallow ridges broken by the occasional tree rising. There is time for contemplation if you turn your gaze towards the ground you may find the delicate grasses bleached white by the sun or swathes of desert flowers following the last deluge of rain. Local people know this country well and its changing seasons and the beginning of winter is a both a visual delight and bountiful in bush foods and medicines.

The Alyawarre people from the north east of Alice Springs capture the essence of these bush medicines and flowers in their finely dotted artworks. Embedded in the gentle undulations of the landscapes there may be the philotilus or pussy tails or spiky dry spinifex contrasting in both texture and colour.

The artists from the APY lands are generally known for their bold colours. In contrast, the women that dance inma to make the maku or witchetty grubs plentiful have used a subtle palette to show the landmarks of the anangu  or people in their country.

Following the precedent of Albert Namatjira, the artists from Ngurratjuta paint images of intrinsic central Australian landscape in their delicate watercolours.

Included here is a small but potent tribute to Billy Benn Perrurle. He lovingly painted his country Artetyerre near Harts Range, in bold colour  until his death in 2012.

This exhibition looks at the abundance in the desert landscape

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The desert is big sky country. One of the big stories from Warlpiri country tells of a big storm that comes from the north west making thunder and lightning. This huge storm meets up with another and is then picked up by a falcon where it carries rain to a big soakage.

Whilst water is the big story of the desert that makes all life possible, what follows after the water is the wildlife and large numbers of birds. Huge flocks of budgerigars leave their little cross-shaped footprints around rockholes. The emu tracks lead people to some of their favourite foods. One can hear the trills of tiny finches while they flit from tree to tree. The dry slow “arrk” from a cockatoo on a searing hot day tells us to stay still in the shade. Whistling kites circling on the thermals tell you that you are in the desert.

This exhibition celebrates birds and their place in this big country.

Exhibition runs 20 March to 26 April 2015

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Hermannsburg watercolour artists: The men

Featuring works also from Artists of Ampilatwatja and Bindi Artists

Opening 6.30 pm 10 October to 14 November

Coinciding with exhibiton of the women artists of the Hermannsburg watercolour tradition, Talapi, along with Ngurratjuta Artists will host a concurrent exhibition featuring the male artists, Doug Abbott, Hilary Wirri, Hubert Paeroultja, Kevin Namatjira, Peter Taylor and Rienholt Inkamala.

Also featured are the simple but eccentric ink drawings of Conway Ginger and beautiful small works from the Artists of Ampilatwatja

Desert Colour

Recent artworks from Aboriginal art centres

Saturday 30 August – 5 October


Land Matters: recent artworks from APY Lands

Saturday 28 June – 24 August







Beautiful new works from Aboriginal owned art centres  curated  with the curatorial emphasis on strong painterly works or bold pictorial statements.

Cowboys Country and Critters

Chronicles of days gone by

November 15 to January 15 2014

Pantjiti Lionel, Malara 2013, 181 x 118 cm cm, acrylic on canvas

Pantjiti Lionel, Malara 2013, 181 x 118 cm cm, acrylic on canvas

Blanche Ebatarinja, Doll 2013, mixed media, 76 x 30 x 20 cm

Blanche Ebatarinja, Doll 2013, mixed media, 76 x 30 x 20 cm

 Irene Entata, Smoking cowboy 2012, 23 x 13 cm, terracotta clay and underglaze

Irene Entata, Smoking cowboy 2012, 23 x 13 cm, terracotta clay and underglaze

Talapi has its final exhibition for the year leading up to Christmas. Chronicles from days gone by refers  works on paper from Maruku artists that document significant historical events and daily life in the APY lands. There are new limited edition prints from Iwantja artists and Mimili from Basil Hall editions. Yarrenyty Arltere artists  continue to develop soft sculpture from new artists and Hermannsburg Potters have contributed with small terracotta pots including cowboys chooks and other creatures. Most of these works are of modest size  and perfect for Christmas gifts but there are also spectacular paintings from  the central desert region to delight.

Desert Colour

Recent works from Aboriginal art centres

Barbara Moore

Barbara Moore, “Ngayuku Ngara” 2013, 122 x 102 cm

Maureen Douglas, Barbara Moore, Wawiriya Burton

Maureen Douglas, Barbara Moore, Wawiriya Burton, “Ngayuku Ngurum” 2013 (detail), 151 x 198 cm

Iyawi Wikilyiri

Iyawi Wikilyiri, “Pukara” 2013, 150 x 120 cm

Alice Springs is warming up for the Alice Desert Festival (11 – 15 September) and the annual Desert Mob events opening Thursday 5 September at the Araluen Arts Centre. Talapi works closely with remote and urban artists from desert community  art centres and is presenting an exhibition to lead into this exciting month of events.

Desert Colours presents brilliantly coloured canvases from artists from 9 community art centres drawing inspiration from their traditional lands in the central desert.

From 30 August to 27  September 2013


Johannes Ktakarinja

Johannes Katakarinja “Serpentine Gorge” 2010, watercolour, 36 x 54 cm (detail)

Levina Morton

Levina Morton, “View of Country” 2011, acrylic on linen, 76 x 91 cm (detail)

Kwementyeye Perrurle

Kumanjayi Perrurle, “Artetyerre” 2011, acrylic on linen, 17 x 48 cm (detail)


Watercolours from Western Arrernte Artists from Ngurratjuta Iltja Ntjarra


Landscapes from Artists of Ampilatwatja

Little Creatures – Artetyerre

Mwerre Anthurre Artists – Kumanjayi Perrurle

From 17 May to 28 June 2013


Telling Stories

Tales from early days and life out bush

29 March – 3 May 2013

Opening 28 March 6pm

Janet Inyika “We ran to Ernabella to escape the dust from Maralinga bombs” 2013 Acrylic on paper 20 x 28 cm © Maruku Arts and CraftS


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