Past Exhibitions


Friday 24 May – 6 July

Alice Springs has at last received some  beautiful soaking rain bringing the desert back to life with bursts of green to coincide perfectly with our new exhibition About Country



FLYING COLOURS 2019 22 March- 30 April





Desert Colour 2018

August 30 – October 27


20 July – 25 August 2018


 28 April- 30 June

As Alice cools down we enjoy some gentle rain which brings a flush of green to the desert. Wildflowers break through the earth and colours abound. It is great to be out and about in country walking and taking in the visual splendor. This exhibition explores the diversity of artworks interpreting country by artists from the central desert communities.

Featuring artworks from Papunya Tjupi Arts, Warlukurlangu Artists, Artists of Ampilatwatja, Ernabella Arts, Iwantja Arts, Kaltjiti Arts, Maruku Arts,  Mimili Maku, Tangentyere Artists and Tjala Arts.

Flying Colours

March April

Featuring fabulous creatures in flight with bold works  from Karen Barnes, Warlukurlangu Artists, Kukula McDonald  and Jane Mervin from Bindi Artists and Carlene Thompson from Ernabella Arts. Alongside the feathered friends will be critters from Yarrenyty Arltere, Maruku Arts and other works from Aboriginal community  art centres from the desert including beautiful gems from Artists of Ampilawatja and Warlayirti Artists

To coincide with Clay Stories, a touring exhibition at Araluen Arts Centre of ceramics we will have new works from Hermannsburg Potters and Ernabella Arts to add to the cacophony!

Bush Christmas


Featuring beautiful works on paper, walka boards , quirky Hermannsburg pots and artworks from Aboriginal community  art centres from the desert



AUGUST 31 – 8 October

We celebrate Alice Desert Festival in Alice Springs and welcome all our friends and guests making the annual pilgrimage for Desert Mob exhibition and related events.

The Art Centres involved in Desert Colour exhibition for this year are Mimili Maku Arts, Kaltjiti Arts, Ernabella Arts, Tjungu Palya, Tjala Arts , Tangentyere Artists and Warlukurlangu Artists and for the first time Lydia Balbal from Bidyadanga


  JULY 7 – 10 AUGUST

We celebrate NAIDOC week in Alice Springs with recognition of the fabulous artwork that comes from remote Aboriginal art centres. This is an annual exhibition that showcases both emerging and established artists with a focus on innovation.

The Art Centres involved in Bold and Beautiful exhibition for this year are Tjala Arts, Mimili Maku Arts, Kaltjiti Arts, Ernabella Arts, Tjungu Palya, Papunya Tjupi, Ikuntji Artists and Iwantja Arts.


MAY 10- 25 June

As the seasons shift from the harsh heat of summer the desert takes on a softer, gentler light. The works in this exhibition reflect the change in seasons and the subtle changes in the landscape.

Art centres featured in this exhibition are Artists of Ampilatwatja, Bindi Artist, Ernabella Arts, Iltja Ntjarra, Iwantja Arts, Kaltjiti Arts, Mimili Maku Arts, Papunya Tjupi, Tjala Arts and Warlukurlangu Artists.


 MARCH 24th – May 7th

Beautiful Little Creatures from Ernabella Arts,  Warlukurlangu Artists, Bindi Artists, Iwantja Arts, Mimili Maku, Tjungu Palya  Papunya Tjupi, Tangentyere artists and Tjala Arts. Featuring fabulous new ceramics from Hermannsburg Potters, and Ernabella Arts.  A fun start to the year  as it cools off heat -wise in the desert in a Big Country



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